The Sony Xperia J – design and features

Sony has a record of creating stylish mid range andiron Smartphone at highly competitive price points. Sony’s latest invention is the Sony Xperia J is tremendously gaining popularity in the handset market. It boasts of a 1 GHz processor a VG front facing snapper and a five Mega pixel camera making it gain its envied status as a leading Smartphone.


Most of Xperia J’s external features are made of strong plastic. It has a curved back that adds extra elegance to its plain look. Its batter cover has a matte finish making it fingerprint proof.  The Xperia simple design makes it easy to grip.


The Smartphone has a 4-inch LCD screen boating of a 480 by 845 pixels, which presents a neutral color representation such the colors are not too bright or too dull… just perfect. The display exhibits can be viewed from several angles


Xperia runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Android interface is famous for integrating additional widgets, social networking sizzling new themes. One of the best features of Xperia is the on screen virtual keyboard, which is user friendly.

Processor and memory

Sony Xperia j features a trendy snapdragon SI system on MSM7227A together with a single core CPU with 1GHz together with Adreno 200 graphics.


Sony has a Walkman branded music player lock screen controls as well as home screen widgets. The XLOUD features serves to amplify the inbuilt loudspeakers volume and the clear bass function allows for tweaking of lower audio frequency spectrum. Lastly yet importantly, the player can pull out information about an album from the internet in the event a particular audio collection lacks origination. The video player can play a variety of the most popular video formats apart from quick time videos.

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