Sony Mobile Manufacture Review

The company has been on and off the radar a lot but last year it made such amazing losses that even people who do not read mobile company reviews took note of the wave. If you were not aware, the firm lost $5.7 billion in the past year and the first quarter of this year was not very exciting as well. By the words not exciting, this review is talking about a figure of $ 312 million. With these amounts of losses, anyone would expect the firm to go under but that has not been the case. On the contrary, Sony has managed to stay on the market by being innovative.

When you own a world-class phone like Sony, you will always be on the lookout for the latest news to see how you stand to benefit. Well, you will not have to wait any longer if you own a Sony smart phone as there is news worth your smile. Moreover, here it comes – All the 2011 Xperia smart phones will be operating on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich after carrying out a software update. Are you screaming yet? After the release of the update, it will be available for download all over the world.

The specific models that are already confirmed to qualify for the update are Xperia ray, Xperia active, Xperia pro, Xperia mini, Xperia neo V, Xperia neo, Xperia Arc S and Xperia Arc. The update will allow all the above phones to operate with a better system that has good bug fixing mechanisms among other things.

The mobile phone company has also confirmed that Xperia neo L and Xperia mini pro will also be able to update to the latest operating system in a few weeks so if you own one of these all you have to do is wait. For they that have already upgraded to ICS, all they will receive is a notification to download the system directly to the phone. However, users that are still on Gingerbread will need to upgrade through a Mac or PC to be able to download the operating system.

More good news

Sony has announced their latest Android phone, Sony Xperia P. The phone comes under Xperia S and it will spot an aluminum body casing and a touch screen of 4 inches. During the announcement, it was made clear that the phone will have what Sony developers call WhiteMagic and this will make the smart phone very comfortable to use in sunlight. There are people who have been given a taste of this feature and they say it is very good as it makes the screen very impressive even when in darkness.

The modified screen is made even better by the inclusion of a camera carrying 8 mega pixels and has the ability to record 1080p video files. The other thing about the phone is that you can watch the recorded video files on a TV provided you have a docking cable. Previous Xperia phone have performed so well and this new one is not expected to be any different.