Sony Bids Farewell to Entry-Level Smarthpone Market

xperia zSony Mobile has been getting recently substantial praise for its top-tier Xperia Z. The device is now considered the perfect illustration for the company’s future efforts, which are to place it among the premium producers, along with giants Apple and Samsung. Stephen Sneeden, Product Manager for Xperia, has been discussing the possibility of leaving behind the entry-level market and becoming a premium smartphone manufacturer.

Sneeden insists on the fact that ‘Sonyness’ cannot fully manifest itself at entry level, according to his confession to CNET. The plan resembles the one of Motorola Mobility, which is aiming to take the same route by developing its high-end X Phone. Sony’s plan thus turns into a more complicated business, since several manufacturers seem to be eager to go down the same road. If everything goes as planned, then Sony would find itself next to Apple and Samsung within the coming two years. This, however, could only be achieved through some great strides. Crafting praiseworthy smartphones, however, hasn’t been an alien business at Sony. Xperia Z certainly proves that Sony is able to excite its customers with a quality smartphone.

Although Sony is only planning at the moment and doesn’t seem to have taken a solid decision, the credentials are there and the aim can be reached. However, it is very likely to take some time until the desired segment is reached. Sony’s ambition is supported by the recently delivered devices in the smartphone market area, with features able to place the manufacturer on superior levels. For now you can still find budget Sony phones on a whole host of contract plans at, you will also find a range of other selected phones avaliable for people on a budget or has poor credit.