Samsung Mobile Manufacture Review

Today Samsung is one of the biggest phone manufactures in the world. They have also produced some of the most popular phones in the world selling million of handsets of a single model. So what makes Samsung and their phones worthy of this status? Well is a combination of cutting edge innervations, seeing gaps in the market place to fur fill a customer’s needs and producing high spec high quality phones with each handset. They have often been rewarded for producing phones which are high spec and innovating at the time.

One of the hallmarks of any global company occurs when the firm is recognized and gifted by both national and international bodies. Once this happens, an already shining star shines even brighter and the firm gets new energy to keep on doing what it does best. It is innovation and the maintaining of consistent products that gets such a firm noticed and Samsung is no stranger when it comes to awards and accolades. For a firm that has been in existence since 1938, its name actually has something to do with stars hence it’s no surprise that the company has been shining so brightly.

In the early days, Samsung was not much known other than in the world of electronics but its fame shot up in tremendous proportions once it ventured into the mobile telephony industry. In almost every country and locality you will go, you are guaranteed to find a Samsung handset and all of them will range from the cheapest to the latest and most expensive android phones. It is this ability to include everyone on the price range that has given Samsung the name it has today. This review is not about unsubstantiated praise for Samsung, so let’s look at some awards that the company has in its belt.

Consumer Electronics Association awards

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) holds one of the largest industry awards on an annual basis and Samsung has been on the recipient list almost every year. The association gives the awards through a consumer electronics trade show and a look at the statistics will easily show you that Samsung has been a dominant winner for a long time. The mobile phone company is recognized as far as home electronic appliances are concerned and the wide range of quality mobile phones it produces have been huge boost in getting the awards.

The times Samsung has been honoured

From as far as years ago, Samsung has netted 117 awards from Consumer Electronic Association and is one of the longest standing firms in the award scheme. The awards are not a free give away as some might think as the judging panels is composed of some of the world leading electrical and mobile telephony designer and policy makers. Of importance to mention is the fact that Samsung Galaxy S3 which is the newest smart phones in the Galaxy series took centre stage in the awards. On the same note, the Galaxy Note 10.1 took a stand as far as tablets are concerned helping Samsung get the award. It is awards such as these that keep Samsung on all our lips.