Samsung Galaxy S4 and Its Rumored 8-Core Processor

s4The Galaxy S4 is perhaps the most anticipated device of the year, second to only the next iPhone release, but even that is debatable. Ever since the Galaxy S’s started making the headlines, speculations always surround the next releases, with different kinds of rumours circulating well before any official announcements are made. For the S4, different sources tend to think that it will come with an 8-core processor. If that materializes, it will make the Galaxy S4 the most powerful phone in the market, and presumably laughing at the quad-cores which are the standard right now.

The speculation follows from Samsungs announcement of the Exynos Octa-core processor, which will supposedly be used in a series of phones and tablets released by the Korean manufacturer. It’s hard to imagine the capability of such a processor, as a quad-core is thought to suffice even by today’s high standards. IT would mean a lag-free phone experience, even when you are multitasking between heavy demanding applications. It is set to raise the bar and offer a new era of mobile processing power that will make for such added convenience.

Other features expected in the S4 include a 1080p display, perhaps on an even bigger 5.0” as this is perhaps going to be the new standard. It might employ the use of a flexible display, which will increase its usability. It might also feature a 13MP camera, up from the current 8MP. The official announcement for the phone is expected within this first quarter and it will help settle all the speculations.

Deals for the S4 will not be available for a while now but you are sure to see a mass of pre-orders for this phones with no new high end phone release planed from there main rival Apple this year. This will be Samsung new flagship phone for 2013 and will open the S3 up to more people looking to get a deal on top end Smartphone.To find great contract phones available now try for some great deals available now. We will keep you up to date of when you can order the Samsung S4 so make sure to come back to stay up to date.