Nokia Mobile Manufacture Review

Nokia is a mobile phone company that is known the world over. Located in Finland, it has been known both for its success as well as for its not so good events. However, the company has still managed to thrive and compete with other mobile phone companies. The phone market is booming as it is and the top three companies are neck to neck as far as competition is concerned. Well, Nokia have come with an innovative app that will be good news to all Nokia lovers.

The Nokia team kept people waiting when it said it would come up with a mapping system that would challenge Google maps and the rest and it has delivered an app so innovative that it is hard to believe. Christened ‘Here Maps’, it is one of its kinds. It runs on basic HTML but what it can do is what amazes. The app has already been given to Apple for tests as Apple has been having issues with Google Maps.

The Nokia app will work even when offline and will have the ability to cover all public transport utilities in addition to offering audio navigation. It is said that the software will be ready for users to download from the Apple store in a matter of weeks.

Nokia management said that people have a need for better location services and this is what made the innovation team come up with the said software. It is also expected that the software will be available for all Android users by January 2013 and Nokia hopes that this will add on to their revenue. Nokia has a partnership with Mozilla and those who use Mozilla Operating System will be able to use the location software as well.

The software offline ability is made possible by the fact that users can save the maps they open while online and once saved, can be accessed without the need to be online. Apple is likely to approve the software and use it with its iOS6 operating system. This is because the system left iPhone users in the UK unable to navigate in London as the using Apple’s location finder apps with the system made London unrecognizable.

The new app is expected to offer stiff competition to a new location and mapping app being developed for Apple and will be sold through iTunes. As of now, Nokia lovers wait anxiously for the software to be made official and try it out to see what it has to offer.