HTC Mobile Manufacture Review

It is sometimes hard to understand why HTC is not on the top spot of the world’s best mobile phone manufacturers. When you look at the statistics, HTC has been a market leader in almost everything pertaining to phones. It is no wonder that HTC phones are ranked among the top 5 in the world. If you do not know, you might be surprised to know that HTC by coming up with the very first mobile phone to operate on the windows system and they also manufactured the first phone to operate using the android system.

As though these were not enough, HTC was the first mobile company to release a 3G phone and the latest thing they have done is the release of again the very first smart phone that is quad core. The phone in subject is HTC One Desire X.

With all these pioneering innovations, HTC has not yet managed to overtake mobile phone giants like Nokia, Apple and Samsung. However, with the options available as far as smart phones are concerned, the firm is making critical changes  aimed at bringing it to the top and the below is one thing that HTC has brought into the nix to get its name out there. It will be no shocker should the HTC brand rise and give the giants a run for their money.

Bringing new models into the line up

One of the things that has been plaguing HTC is their lack of continuity. This is where Samsung has been beating them but they seem to have realised this. Traditionally, HTC would only produce one phone and that would be the end of it. However, with the success of the iPhone series and the Samsung Galaxy series, HTC has entered the band wagon and they now have a brand, the HTC One series. The series has phones like the HTC One X, U and S.

What this does is give HTC loyalist the hope and expectation of new and better models in the near future. This is the same trick that other mobile phone companies use. Any time they see their ratings going down, they announce the release of a new model in a famous series and there is frenzy on a global scale. HTC are becoming really good at this and it is for no reason. The new models are trendier and sleeker in design and features and people are warming up to the HTC brand name day by day.