Google Mobile Manufacture Review

Back in 2004, Google boldly said that it was not planning to venture to the smart phone mobile industry but made it clear that it would be part of the phones. As the months went by, the statement seemed to be true, as every smart phone had to access the Google Android market to become ‘smart’. However, the months never got the chance to lapse into a year before Google unveiled its first smart phone and since then, its smart phones have been gaining popularity the world over.

Granted, they come with a name that reflects back to the giant search engine and this has helped the phones gain a foothold and compete with other mobile phone giants. The question is why.

  • Availability of apps

A smart phone is not smart unless it can access the app market. It is important to mention herein that Google owns Android, and this is where all apps that are used by phones with the Android Operating System come from. This literally means that all companies that manufacture smart phones must have Google in their phones.

Getting back to the Google phones, having one gives the user access to millions of apps, which are both free and paid. This brings in the ability to customize the phones and this is a reason for the rising Google phones popularity.

  • Meet Google Play

This review would be incomplete if it failed to mention Google Play. This is the icon the Google phone and found in almost all Android mobile phones that open the app market to make it possible to buy and download them.  We have already talked of apps availability and this section wants to highlight other things that are available in the play store.

For movie lovers, they will boldly confirm that the Google Play Store is one of their favourite places as here they get to download all the movies they love and watch them on their Android device. In addition, thousands upon thousands of music files that are both audio and video can be accessed and downloaded free.

This innovation makes Google phones rise on the market at a very fast rate. As though this was not enough, the company has made sure that the play store has enough games that one can play in a year meaning that a user is never bored.

To top it all, Google Phone Company makes it possible to communicate at a higher level through Gmail, an app that is found on each of its phones. Simply asked, what could be better than this?