BlackBerry Q5 Review and Deals on Tmobile

A QWERTY smartphone that runs on BB10 OS, Blackberry Q5 is finally a budget device from the brand. This cheaper terminal is available on the world’s markets starting with July and will be easily recognisable as a classic BlackBerry thanks to its design. The Q5 is expected to become popular also in the emerging markets, which couldn’t afford similar BlackBerry phones before this release.

blackberry q5The phone has 2GB of RAM, a 2100mAh battery and the OS it uses is BlackBerry 10.1. Thanks to these and to the processor, the browsing experience is a fluid one. The camera has 5 MP and is able to take multiple pictures at once. It is less than BalckBerry used to deliver, but this downgrade is important in lowering the costs and making the phone more accessible to BlackBerry fans worldwide. The processor is of 1.2 GHz, is dual core and is just as performant as the other models.

Naturally, the BlackBerry Q5 gets compared to Q10, its most similar and more expensive device. First of all, what is to be noticed is that it has some distinctive physical features. For example, Q5 has 4 rows of keys with an enhanced design. To make the swipe actions easier, there is more space now between the keyboard and the screen. Finger sliding will no longer interfere with the keys. Moreover, it is equipped with a square touchscreen of 3.1 inches. It’s tempting to compare this one as well to the Q10 model. Another visible difference is its plastic exterior, which makes it different from the Q10 and a little more slippery. Additionally, it features an LCD screen instead of the AMOLED one.

Users of a Q5 can switch quickly from one app to another, the browser is quick and also the display offers a very high resolution, in spite of the screen size. This makes for a great HD display on the Q5. Apart from this, the battery performance is as follows: talk time up to 12 hours, while in stand by it can reach up to 335 hours.

The phone comes with a micro USB port on the side, but it has no HDMI out feature. Additionally, it has microSIM and microSD ports, thus allowing users to extend further the existent 8GB storage. The Q5 model also has some aspects that may surprise potential buyers in a negative way. Firstly, its battery is non removable. Secondly, the surface may not offer the best experience, as it is prone to greasing.

With T-Mobile one can get a BlackBerry Q5 for free when committing to the £26.00 per month plan, which includes 300 minutes, 500 texts, 1000MB for Internet and more. To see the complete offer, check the official UK T-Mobile website. It works in 3G with T-Mobile and also in 4G with EE. On online orders, delivery is free of charge.

If you can’t afford spending too much cash yet am for the combined experience of touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry Q5 is a fairly good choice for the average, not too pretentious smartphone user.