BlackBerry Mobile Manufacture Review

With a mobile phone company that has been reputed to produce the best business phones, it may become hard to choose one phone from the many that it has. Selection is not even made simple by the fact that one model has more than one phone in the series. However, the BlackBerry Tour is a sleek phone and this review aims to bring to light some of the reasons why.

1.      Physical keyboard

One of the things that makes BlackBerry phones stand out is the fact their keyboards beat all the rest. RIM has a way of making the keyboards unique despite the fact that they are QWERTY like the rest. Many people that opt for BlackBerry smart phones do so because they have physical keyboards and the BlackBerry Tour is said to beat all the other keyboards on any BlackBerry device. The secret as to how RIM manages to accomplish this is well hidden but year after year, they still emerge top.

2.      BlackBerry Apps

The BlackBerry Tour contains the latest sensation to hit all BlackBerry smart phones, the BlackBerry App World.  Here you will get to access all the cool apps that will be compatible with the BlackBerry Tour. The apps have been designed to suit business needs as well as entertainment needs and games are part of what you will be able to download from the BlackBerry App World. The apps may not be so many as compared to Apple apps but new ones are being developed every now and then and you will always have something new to add.

You will be happy to know that this phone will allow you to download apps from other apps stores like Crack berry so you will have a wide array to choose from.

3.      Email control

It is a gross injustice to talk about BlackBerry phones without mentioning the email function. BlackBerry phones are most famously known due to the email control they give a consumer. The same case goes for the BlackBerry Tour. It gives you the ability to receive and send emails regardless of where you are and you can make the access easy by setting an email widget on your screen.

4.      Camera

BlackBerry have also come out of the dark and added a camera to this phone. It is a 3.2 mega pixel and with the right adjustments, it is capable of taking cool photos. Thanks to these reasons this is one of the coolest phoned blackberry has to offer and you will not regret getting one.