Blackberry 9900 A Smartphone With A Difference

Blackberry 9900 is a smart phone created by Research in motion. The Smartphone is famous it is comfortable to use QWERTY keypad. It is a marvelous creation, which is rather expensive and made of more premium materials. It is remarkably an ideal upgrade for most blackberry users. Its great performance can also never be overlooked.

Design and features

RIM has incorporated many interesting features in Blackberry 9900. Blackberry 9900 is the thinnest of all blackberry phones with a framework of10.5r mm. It is made of a carbon fiber casing which is a glossy chrome strip. Additionally, it has a matt finish that is gentle to the touch. The micro USB socket on the left is handy for data transfer as well as charging. The device has an inbuilt 8 GB storage as well as a micro SD slot.

Screen keyboard and interface

Blackberry 9900 has a touch screen size 2.8″ with a powerful resolution of 64e0*480 pixels. It is the first form in the bold series with a touch screen and A QWERTY key board. The touch screen is highly ultra responsive and user friendly. With this high resolution, it displays very clear and sharp images and wordings.

The model runs on blackberry 7operating system. With a 1.2, GHz QUALCOMM 8655 chip. Blackberry seven OS is packed with newer and better features ranging from a faster web browser to NFC payment technology. There is a unique feature on blackberry bold 9900 known as liquid graphics, which makes images supers clear and extremely crisp.


It comes in handy with a five-megapixel camera packed with features for better and clearer picture and video capturing. At the back panel, there is a LED flash to allow blackberry users improve their picture and video taking skills each day.

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