Apple Mobile Manufacture Review

If you dare ask a child in today’s generation what Apple means, they will give you all the history that has to do with the mobile phone company but mention nothing about the fruit. If you are one of those people, who is very green about this world famous phone company, then read on and you will know of the electric fruits.

The birth

Apple’s popularity was born back in 2007 when it released the first mobile phone, which has popularly come to be known as the iPhone. At that particular time, the mobile phone industry was a bit stagnant and this phone brought vibrancy back. The 3G phone made it possible to make use of 3rd party apps and this set the way for smart phones to enter the market. All the improvements and modifications that we see on smart phones can be traced back to a beginning from what Apple did in 2007.

The popularity of this mobile company can be termed as religious. In every year, the company strategically releases a new iPhone and makes sure the operating system is different and more improvement. Whenever there is news of a new iPhone release, Apple phone lovers will do anything to make sure that they have the money in hand to make sure they are the first to get the very first phone.

As the company releases new models, the screen size and the fact that the phones must have a battery, remains constant as these two do not change.

The iPhone

As said above, this was the first mobile phone released back in 2007 and in that year alone, the mobile phone was bought in the millions and it is said that it is responsible for where Apple stands today. The sales catapulted the mobile phone company to top spot as far as revenue earnings are concerned. Currently, the latest iPhone release is the iPhone 5 and upon its release, over 1 million orders had already been placed in 24 hours beating off the previous IPhone 4S sale figers. This tells you how famous the phones are.The phone comes with a 4″ screen that features retina display so it gives a very high level of clarity.

Apple fruity deals

One thing has enabled Apple remain on top is that whenever a new model is released, the deals available on the older models improve and become readily available. For example, it is possible to upgrade the operating systems of previous models by just visiting the Apple Store. It also becomes possible to access different networks, which is a plus for users.